In 1986, Gerrell Elkins was 39 years old, working as an executive for a clothing manufacturer. He had a large family to support and a stable career path ahead of him if he stayed with his company. But he also had a passion for woodworking and his fatherís words echoed in his head.

So in the Fall of that year, Gerrell resigned from his company and started his long journey with support from his wife, Theresa. Gerrell apprenticed with two seasoned craftsmen and learned the art of woodworking and carpentry. He learned the craft of furniture making, which lead him to cabinetry and he has been perfecting the art of custom cabinet making for over twenty-two years.

Elkins Custom Cabinets started in a dirt floor building behind Gerrell and Theresaís house. Together, they worked to build a business from their passion. As Elkins Custom Cabinets grew the quality of their craftsmanship continued to soar thanks in no small part to their dedicated employees.

Ronnie McNeal is shop foreman and chief builder and has been working with Gerrell since the beginning. He has an impeccable eye for detail. Over the last twenty-two years, he has developed a fine sense for craftsmanship and understands what needs to be done to achieve the unique vision for each new job.

Jerry Ursery works in finishing and installation. He has developed an artistís touch and takes pride in the subtle beauty of each richly finished piece he creates. That pride is evident in every aspect of his job. The team works together seamlessly and is bonded by a sincere desire for quality.

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